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IO. Search engine optimization. How to promote the site in Internet Very detailed usability testing by users is described in the book by Steve Circle Web Design: Steve Krug book, or do not make me think! I also recommended Mend it to the acquisition and reading. Option. It's actually kind of test live Only with the use local business seo packages of special software that allows It should dit of the user view and build the so-called heat map Fig. This map reflects parts of the site, who pay attention to the test. This technology is used when testing the usability of a site, and printed ton of advertising. Advertising.

Stages usability audit. Depending on the task and the importance of the project usability audits may be of single or multiple character. The most effective given multi phase usability audit, when, after the issuance of the initial recommendations and implementation is carried out the repeated analysis of the site and eliminated the remaining errors. If budget for the audit is limited, you can do one test involving five user Lei. This will identify of all errors. We must not seo packages prices allow this part of the audience was lost. Many customers tell us that our managers are working fine, application through the website are processed quickly. We nod their heads, smile, but still We conduct what we call customer audit services, or, in Russian, quality analysis processing of applications from the website.

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This so-called service Mystery shopper, only in- HETE. Auditing customer services aimed at assessing the quality of the human factor and making recommendations for the client. Under the customer service managers are understood on the client side, the responsible for contact with site visitors. The audit is carried out by any person able to get into the skin of the potential ton of the analyzed customer site. For objectivity possible involvement of- people. The audit should be carried out anonymously, entering the role of the potential customer of goods services with advanced site. Objects of audit The objects of the audit are the means of communication provided on the site. The average steam communication can be: company phones; e-mail address listed on the website seo packages prices as the contact point; Form for communication ICQ; form send inquiries and orders online, via online interfaces.

Let's consider them in order. Telephone audit. Calling on the phone listed on the site and sets issues relating to the goods services, on the site. Audit by email. Sends email any request concerning the goods services, on the site. The request is sent not a corporate box and preferably under an assumed name and surname. Audit via ICQ. Debited on ICQ, listed on the site, with managers rum and asks questions relating to the goods services client.

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The audit feedback forms on the website online queries, etc. Filled yet shaped in accordance with the shape can vary considerably for different forms. The bottom line- an imitation of the behavior of a potential customer. According to the results of the audit report drawn up in a free form, which reflects audit results. In the report it is possible and even desirable to quote from over- squeaks with customer managers. Being in possession of such a report, it is possible to draw conclusions about how the current state of affairs, so and that as much as possible and improve customer service. Sometimes reading these reports, a business owner can fall into a state close to faint and dizzy because seo services packages they are very funny. Under the small and medium businesses are usually under- toils self-employment activities whose purpose is to systematically magic profit from the production and sale of goods, services, use, property and other business activity.

In Russia, small enterprises Business organizations are considered, which employs less than people. An example of Western Europe, USA and Japan shows what an important position in the economy and the life of the country occupied by small businesses and medium-sized businesses, and especially small click here companies with number of employees less than people. Today in these countries it ensures enterprises of small business by more than half the growth in jobs. Advantages of Small Business- is its flexibility bone and the ability to change, adapt under the new conditions and circumstances. Usually, in such organizations simplified managerial Skye structure, company director and management affairs- the same person, and rebel- She by staff of the company provides a number of greater involvement in the work and fast transfer giving information among employees.